Thursday, December 14, 2006


Evan and Avery always have tons of fun when their cousins, Logan and Lexa, come over to play. This was the picture of the one brief moment when they were all still and sitting together. Lexa can always be found beside Avery as she is obsessed with her. She calls her "Avey".
We look forward to the days soon, when Evan and Avery can play with their other cousins, Lucas and Nathan. My brother and his family are currently living in Hawaii (poor souls!), but inform us that they are going to return to the mainland this summer. We look forward to building some great memories with them!

Christmas cookies

So every year I spend a day making Christmas cookies...tradition I guess. It just seems like something I should do to prepare for the season. I think I need to cook more in moderation as last week I emptied out my freezer of the "leftover cookies" from last Christmas. This year was more fun because I had an eager helper. Evan! However, he was more excited to eat the cookies, cooked or not cooked, than he was to make them. He kept saying, "Evan's star cookie!" He was particularly fond of the stars, and left the Christmas trees and gingerbread men to obtain their icing.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Thanks to the Carpenters for taking these great Christmas pictures...not an easy feat to get a two year old and an infant to both cooperate at the same time. Evan had a blast playing with the Christmas tree is his jammies! We hope everyone enjoys the holiday season, cherishes family, makes memories, and remembers why we celebrate!